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Through the Eyes of the Cage: The Draw of Mixed Martial Arts

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Those who are not familiar with MMA fighting cannot immediately consider the allure of watching presumed brutality on a regular basis. However, true fans can appreciate not only the bouts, but many other aspects that make the sport so thrilling to watch all the time. One such aspect would be the talent in the cage. [...]

Rising Stars in the Region: The Best of the Best

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Rising Stars In The Region: The Best Of The Best Mid-Atlantic mixed martial arts tournaments have become one of the most exciting and popular forms of martial arts events in the world. Some of the best rising stars in the business have demonstrated strength, accuracy, discipline and dedication that puts them ahead of the rest [...]

The Best Training Gyms in the Mid Atlantic

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Mixed Martial Arts has seen in explosion recently. Just over 10 years ago, if you were to ask someone about Mixed Martial Arts, you would be met with a blank stare. Now, you can’t go anywhere without hearing the latest news about some of the most prominent Mixed Martial Artists. The matches you see on [...]

Finding an MMA Program: Tips and Tricks

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You have heard about MMA. You are probably interested in getting training. Just the fact that you are reading this right now says that you are most likely curious about MMA.If you want to get some training in MMA, you can easily find a lot of training gyms that will help you learn the discipline. [...]

The Top MMA Fighters in the Mid-Atlantic Region

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One of the top MMA fighter in the Mid-Atlantic region is Matt Hamill. Hamill has a very impressive MMA record and has defeated many of the top fighters in the MMA game. Hamill hails from Utica,, New York. Jon Bones Jones could very well be the most popular MMA fighters who hail from the [...]